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Learning outcomes

The department strives to make Ege University a research and enterprise-oriented university through the courses it teaches and the activities it organizes, and it supports the policy of producing graduates who create employment rather than graduates who seek employment. Graduates are followed and encouraged to continue their entrepreneurial activities.

In this context, students who take the department's courses gain the following knowledge and skills:

  • To have fundamental knowledge about R&D, innovation, intellectual property rights, and entrepreneurship,
  • To have basic knowledge and skills in entrepreneurship, and understanding of the systems involved,
  • Developing the ability to identify problems as an entrepreneur, to see flaws in the industry, and to generate ideas that can solve problems from various perspectives,
  • To be able to conduct intellectual property and patent research using cutting-edge techniques and research infrastructures,
  • To be able to follow and develop new techniques and trends in science, technology and industry and as well as conduct R&D studies independently,
  • To be an information and technology-based researcher, producer, and entrepreneur,
  • Being modern, innovative, participatory, and entrepreneurial; being able to express oneself well; establishing interdisciplinary and interdisciplinary communication; and working with multidisciplinary teams
  • To be able to convey the processes and results of their work methodically and clearly in national and international environments in or out of their field, in written, verbal and visual formats, by following the information in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship,
  • Valuing the importance of lifelong learning, keeping track of scientific and technological advancements in the context of innovation, sustainability, and complete quality, and equipping oneself,
  • To be able to observe social, scientific and ethical values in all professional tasks.

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